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"An overwhelming amount of wine today refers not to where it comes from, but only where it wants to be. Do you see the difference?"

---  Neal Rosenthal as quoted in The Accidental Connoisseur by Lawrence Osborne

To borrow a belief held by an American businessman from another bygone era, we believe "An educated consumer is our best consumer".  We have found these wine-focused search and review websites to be of great value to a wine lover:

  • wine-searcher is the world's premier specialty search engine designed for buying wine.  At times, the search site is panned for comparing wines only on price.  But a true connoisseur knows better: price is important, price transparency is even more better.
  • a newly launched 1000-point wine rating system that is more than just a subjective assessment of taste and quality.
  • the eponymous web site that continues the tradition of famed Robert Parker Jr. in presenting a subjective assessment of a wine's quality utilizing a 100-point system.
  • the well-known wine critic followed more closely by the European audience, whose web site consolidates wine reviews by numerous contributors operating under the same brand.
  • the official website of Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés, full of historical facts and current information of the top Bordeaux wines.  There is even an online shop for buying books and posters.


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We have also found the following books on wine to be informative, at times even enjoyable, reads:


What is taste? Is it individual or imposed on us from the outside? Why are so many of us so intimidated when presented with the wine list at a restaurant? In
The Accidental Connoisseur, journalist Lawrence Osborne takes off on a personal voyage through a little-known world in pursuit of some answers. Weaving together a fantastic cast of eccentrics and obsessives, industry magnates and small farmers, the author explores the way technological change, opinionated critics, consumer trends, wheelers and dealers, trade wars, and mass market tastes have made the elixir we drink today entirely different from the wine drunk by our grandparents.
First published in 1985, this landmark consumer guide launched one of the most illustrious careers in wine criticism. Robert Parker's mission, in his newsletter The Wine Advocate and his many bestselling books, has always been to give wine drinkers honest, informed advice about which wines are worth their money, and which wines aren't. The fourth edition of Bordeaux presents a complete guide to vintages between 1961 and 2001. This latest volume brings readers up-to-date on the abundance of new producers in France's most important wine region and for the first time includes more than 700 wine labels. Parker has retasted and reevaluated many of Bordeaux's finest wines -- and adjusted their ratings accordingly -- so readers of his previous editions will discover herein a wealth of new material.
The World's Greatest Wine Estates pays homage to exceptional wines and the exceptional people who make them. These lavishly illustrated pages showcase 175 of the world's most accomplished -- and most spectacular -- estates. Parker goes be-yond the labels, bottles, and ratings to present the land, the history, and the dedicated artisans practicing their craft. Though they form a wildly diverse group, all of these producers "share an inexhaustible commitment to their vineyards, a passion to produce as fine a wine as is humanly possible, and a vision that the joys of wine are infinite and represent the pinnacle of a civilized society."