Listrac is the furthest from the Gironde of all the named wine-producing communes. At about 40m above sea level, it is some of the highest land in the Médoc. The soil is mainly clay and limestone on a gentle rise, and this contributes to the wine style – which is usually rather austere and dense when compared to its more famous neighbours.

Listrac wines typically have a higher proportion of Merlot than other Médoc wines. They are medium to full-bodied and have been described as having the fruit and finesse of St Julien combined with the firmness and structure of St Estèphe. They are often deeply-coloured and noticeably tannic when young, and need a few years of bottle-aging to show at their best.

Noted Listrac Châteaux include: Châteaux Clarke, Châteaux Fourcas Hosten, Châteaux Ducluzeau, Châteaux Fonréaud, Châteaux Fourcas-Dupré, Châteaux Mayne Lalande, Châteaux Peyradon Lagrevette.