Wine In The Time of Quarantine

A French friend shared this a couple days ago, before the bad news about COVID-19 forced 1 out of 5 Americans to stay home. Wine may not substitute the essential role of a mask to your health if you are on the frontline. But nothing can substitute the essential role of good wine to your happiness while practicing social distancing.

COVID-19 is all over the news with even members of the US Congress starting to test positive of infection this morning. While social distancing will help us contain the spread of the virus, the closure of restaurants and bars has been testing every household's cooking skills and pantry selection. Did you get a chance to stock up on some great wine? The Governor of NJ was enlightened enough to recognize liquor stores in her state as essential services. Depending on where you live, you may not be so lucky. Thankfully, our logistics partners (UPS & FedEx) are also deemed essential in this time of national crisis. They are still delivering orders to our customers. Would you like to take a look at what we have to offer - the best selection of the best French wine at great value?

Live up to the challenge of our time, novice or connoisseur.

Now, as ever, is a perfect time to brush up on your French wine knowledge and experience the wide selections we have to offer. How you ever wanted to taste the difference between Pauillac and Saint-Julien? What about the Left Bank vs the Right Bank? Or Saint-Emilion vs Pomerol? Or vintage 2015 vs vintage 2016? We have it all organized for you to taste the essence of good life and fight back the vicious virus.

By the way, did you read wine critic Eric Asimov's article the other day: Wine Is for Sharing. What Does That Mean in Self-Quarantine? He provides a good perspective on the new reality of stay-at-home living. We highly recommend it.

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