Stay In, Drink Wise

The news on the frontline is not improving, yet.  Authorities say it could get worse before it gets better.

We are not sitting still.  We won't face this crisis lying down.  Allow us to cheer you up.  Here is a joint gift offer from Laguna Cellar and Robert Parker's Wine Advocate: a 3-month free subscription for you to acquire wine knowledge you may not have had time to do before.

To redeem our offer, follow this link:, use this code STAYIN3w2do3.  Voila! 

Here's what this gift offer allows you to enjoy: 

  • The Wine Advocate fully searchable database of more than 400,000 tasting notes, scores, articles and reviews dating from 1992
  • Member's price on tickets to Matter of Taste, our worldwide series of wine tasting events featuring wines rated RP90 and above
  • Access to the Robert Parker app on the App Store and Google Play to search for wines on the go

Stay in, drink wise!  Have a toast to life!

Live up to the challenge of our time, novice or connoisseur.

Now, as ever, is a perfect time to brush up on your French wine knowledge and experience the wide selections we have to offer.  How you ever wanted to taste the difference between Pauillac and Saint-Julien?  What about the Left Bank vs the Right Bank?  Or Saint-Emilion vs Pomerol?  Or vintage 2015 vs vintage 2016?  We have it all organized for you to taste the essence of good life and fight back the vicious virus.


Burgundy Red
Burgundy White


The Laguna Cellar & Wine Advocate Team

p.s.  Do you know: each bottle of wine (750 ml size) can serve 5-6 glasses, if poured generously?  Before you feel obliged to finish a bottle, you should know there is a perfect tool to help you conserve an opened bottle of wine for 2-3 days?  Just seal the bottle using a Vacu Vin Wine Saver, and put the bottle in the fridge.  If promptly sealed and refrigerated , the wine should taste fine the next day, up to three days, from our experience.


Terms & Conditions: The redemption code will expire by 31st May 2020 and any unused redemptions will be void. Redemptions are only valid for new subscribers, limited to one redemption per subscription account (i.e. 3-month complimentary subscriptions cannot be accumulated). Existing paid subscribers should not use the redemption code to extend your subscription; doing so will cancel your existing subscription. 

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