How do we ship wine during summer?

We can think of many wines to drink in the summer: rosé, champagne, sancerre, chardonnay, the list goes on.

However, during summer months, we recommend against shipping wine via ground shipping service.

Sometimes, a customer must have her wine for her summer plans, we resort to including ice pack inserts when the package is shipped via Overnight or 2nd Day service. These ice packs are specially designed to include an absorbent rigid foam brick and a special aqueous solution that freezes faster and stays frozen and cold longer. They come packaged in tough durable recyclable polyethylene wrappers with heat welded seams to ensure maximum resistance to punctures and tears (see pictures above).

If you can afford to wait for cooler weather, we still recommend against shipping fine wine in the summer.  Go to your local wine shop, grab a bottle for the time being.  If you can't find that special wine you must have, give us a call, we will give you our honest advice and reluctantly help you out by packing your wine in an ice pack equipped container for Overnight or 2nd Day Air service.  Just don't blame us for the wine that may suffer.

Footnote:  The ice pack feature is only available on 6 or 12-bottle packages.

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